Gifted practitioner Review of Kacey Morrow RDN, LD, CLT
I think Kacey Morrow is a gifted practitioner; a true collaborator and teacher. I felt respected and understood, and left feeling really excited and relieved to be getting this much-needed support. I believe her approach is a blueprint for the future of healthcare.
Lynn is magic Review of Lynn Weatherson, L.Ac.
I bless the day I found Lynn with her brilliant smile, can do attitude, and genuine caring personality. I went to see her for one problem, and she has helped me with that plus several others. She is extremely knowledgable and treats you with kindness and respect. I just told her she is magic!-Jan
Worth an 8 hour drive Review of Leslie Vilensky, ND "I am so appreciative to Leslie as she takes the time to listen and treat a person as a whole... [she will] truly understand and care about your health and wellbeing. I thank you Leslie for your years of care and support! I will gladly make the 8+ hour commute one way to see you and make other plans to check in when I can not make the trip."
Kelly Carlson
Simply the Best Review of Elizabeth Orchard, ND Liz Orchard just gets it. She is patient, present, and will guide you towards embodying your best self. Her practice is true, healing medicine! I highly recommend her as a doctor and have referred her several satisfied patients. Your most radiant self is waiting for you!
Lynn: powerhouse woman and intuitive healer Review of Lynn Weatherson, L.Ac.
Lynn is a magical mix of powerhouse woman and intuitive healer. Next to that, she has mad skills that will get to the root of your problem. Quickly. Do not hesitate......you will not be disappointed!- Michelle
Kristin S
Wonderful Nutritionist Review of Kacey Morrow RDN, LD, CLT Working with Kacey was an amazing experience for my body but also mind & spirit! I worked with many different health professionals, conventional and “alternative” throughout the years and Kacey was the first person who was able to give me a protocol that put my gut back into balance. She was accessible, genuine, and always had and continues to have awesome ideas, support, and feedback. I highly recommend working with Kacey!
Empowering and life-changing experiences I was introduced to the work and people of Be Well last year through a nutrition seminar series at my gym. I'd known for years that something was "off" in my body, but I was having trouble figuring out what it was. My MD didn't have time to try to figure it out, and I wasn't satisfied with the "there's nothing I can find" or the “let me prescribe you this” answers I was getting going down that path. With each visit to Be Well, I become stronger and more knowledgeable. Reflection and inquiry are highly encouraged, and each factor is carefully considered. In a world that tends to favor instant gratification and dramatic results, Be Well’s focus on respect, intention, and quality is invigorating. I feel better and have more energy than I have in years, and most importantly, each day I understand myself a bit better. My experiences at Be Well have absolutely changed my life. I am grateful for each person there, and I look forward to continuing the journey.
Shayla B
amazing + thoughtful Review of Elizabeth Orchard, ND I have worked with Dr. Orchard for several years now. She has been hugely supportive to me during my healing. I highly recommend her for a brilliant, caring and loving N.D.
Inspired Review of Lynn Weatherson, L.Ac.
Lynn is incredible, knowledgable and helpful!! Real inspired by her work. She is trustworthy and cares a lot about the impact she has on others. Hands down, 5 stars.-Sophia
Trusting Dr. Vilensky Review of Leslie Vilensky, ND Dr. Vilensky is a true professional. She spent a lot of time getting to know my son. She was very thorough and asked pointed questions to assist her in finding the right treatment plan. As a parent, I developed a sense of trust and learned about natural options vs. medications that would aide in my son's learning and educational experience.
Truly the best

Thank you for all the care and love you have given me over the last year. Not only are you an amazing doctor, but you're a wonderful person. Thank you for not only helping me with my health, but for encouraging me to be the best I can be. You have such a gift, and I am so fortunate to have met you. You're truly the best.

Helen G
The help I was looking for Review of Elizabeth Orchard, ND I'm so glad to have found Dr. Orchard through family members who also found help from her. She listened and absorbed my story, then outlined a step-by-step program for treatment. I got relief almost immediately from severe heartburn I had had for years. Such relief! And so much gratitude!
Amazing! I have worked with Dr Liz Orchard and Dr Leslie Vilensky. These women are above and beyond the standard level of care. They have served me and my family in every way from Lyme disease to pregnancy to immunization recommendations to overall healthcare. Amazing!!!
Great ND Dr. Vilensky strikes the right balance between professionalism and empathy. She is knowledgable and encouraging and will put you at ease, making you feel positively about healing. I think feeling like you can trust your doctor and that they really care about your wellbeing makes a huge difference on any path to wellness. I absolutely recommend Dr. Vilensky for naturopathic care.
Toddler nutrition support Review of Kacey Morrow RDN, LD, CLT Kacey was incredibly helpful in teaching me about providing a more balanced approach to nutrition for my toddler. Kacey took the time to ask me questions about my family’s lifestyles and my son’s routines to give me a personalized and tailored approach to explain how to have a healthier lifestyle for our family. I appreciated her taking the time to thoroughly explain how and why my toddler’s diet was important to his health and development, as well as taking extra time answering my questions and giving me vitamin and supplement recommendations that would work best for us. I would recommend Kacey’s experience and knowledge to anyone.
relax plus LOVELY atmosphere; LOVELY results!
jill g
great Very thorough and caring.
Santina M.
Natural medicine to the rescue

Dr. Liz is my health guru. She gave me alternative options for dealing with my medical issues and probably saved my life! She taught me that there are natural alternatives for EVERYTHING - medicine, food, etc.  She helped me understand that our bodies are perfect machines and if we put the right stuff into them they will function as such.

Highly recommend Dr Liz I have been going to Dr Liz for over a year. She has made a great difference in my health, dealing with gastrointestinal issues. I would recommend her to anyone.
Dr. Orchard is as lovely as her name It's too early in the process to say how my health will be affected by this process, but I must say that it was wonderful to felt heard by a health professional.
Highly Recommend Dr. Liz was great with my young daughters and provided a care plan that makes sense and we are already seeing results. Very pleased!!
Excellent Very pleased with how detailed everything was and how they truly care. Also recieved my plan very quick
Beautiful SPACE and wonderful TREATMENT! I was immediately greeted by a fabulous receptionist and asked if I would like some coffee, water, etc. I asked if my Dr. was available and she went to see. Upon leaving she made my next appt., placed an order for me and told me all the wonderful thingsthey do there. "Treated like a queen."
Always Helpful I was seen by Dr. Orchard and have been a patient of hers for a year now. She devotes time to you that you don't get in a regular visit. I felt listened to and my concerns were addressed. Thank you!
Grateful! As a mother of three young boys I struggle to keep up with the most current trends regarding adolescent nutrition. I read and research but often wonder how reliable all of the resources available to parents are and that is why I am so grateful for the advice that Kacey Morrow has been able to provide for me. She is well-informed, reliable and very trustworthy. I have found her insight regarding which vitamins to give my children very helpful. I also recently had a baby and Kacey directed me towards the appropriate probiotics and how to incorporate them into my newborn’s diet. Kacey is the first person I turn to when I have a question about my children and the appropriate nutritional choices. Kacey provides me with peace of mind and that is invaluable as a parent, I will keep returning to her with any questions I have!
Visit I've had one visit so far and have appreciated all the recommendations to help solve problems naturally.
Great care & lovely space Dr. Liz is a fantastic ND, highly knowledgeable, she has excellent experience and background, and a kind and creative approach her medicine. Two thumbs up!
My first visit I was pleasantly surprised on my first visit to the clinic on how relaxing it was from the time I entered the door. No receptionist line to wait in. Wonderful. I entered and the sign read "Relax, the doctor will be with you shortly" (I paraphrase) I had a wonderful first session with my doctor and left with a plan for my list of health concerns. I am on the path for naturally better me and re-energized to succeed. Time will prove this out, I'm confident. :-)
Go see Dr Liz Orchard I suffer from an auto immune disease in which I have a lot of arthritic pain. I’ve seen other doctors over the years but experienced no positive results. When I met with Dr Orchard she put me on a comprehensive plan to attack the problem. Six months later the majority of my pain is gone, I feel great, I’ve lost weight and it was all done naturally. I couldn’t be more pleased.
Wonderful Doctor Dr. Orchard is fantastic, helpful, kind, compassionate and caring. She is so smart and just wonderful. I have rewritten this review three times trying to find the right words to describe my experience working with her. The journey to health has been a long one for me requiring strict diet changes and many supplements. It has all been worth it because I am feeling better than I have in years. I'm so glad I sought her services. It has been a real blessing.
Christi D
Thank you!

Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations, especially regarding nutrition. The services, advice, and care that you provide are unmatched in the world of health, nutrition, and medicine!

Jen K

I feel like a completely different person compared to last month. It's amazing.