<div class="fs-review-summary"><div class="fs-rating-summary"><span class="fs-rating-component">Rated&nbsp;</span><div class='fs-rating-component fs-stars rating'> <div class='value-title' title='4.9' style='width: 99%'></div> <meta itemprop="rating" content="4.9"/> </div> <span class="rating component">&nbsp;based on <span itemprop="votes" class="votes">38</span> ratings</span> </div> <div class='fs-featured-reviews'><div class='fs-featured-review fs-active'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post1171'>Empowering and life-changing experiences</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I was introduced to the work and people of Be Well last year through a nutrition seminar series at my gym. I&#39;d known for years that something was &quot;off&quot;...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post23'>amazing + thoughtful</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have worked with Dr. Orchard for several years now. She has been hugely supportive to me during my healing. I highly recommend her for a brilliant, caring...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post1096'>Highest Possible Recommendation!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have worked with Dr. Montgomery for the past 15 months and have made amazing strides turning around decades of poor health. I have suffered with chronic...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post1095'>Dr visits</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have always had excellent care from Dr Montgomery. She listens well, and has saved me much negative reactions when going through chemo. Always a most...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post874'>Worth an 8 hour drive</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>&quot;I am so appreciative to Leslie as she takes the time to listen and treat a person as a whole... [she will] truly understand and care about your health...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post875'>Trusting Dr. Vilensky</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>&quot;Dr. Vilensky is a true professional.Dr. Vilensky spent a lot of time getting to know my son. She was very thorough and asked pointed questions to assist...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post304'>Amazing!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have worked with Dr Liz Orchard and Dr Leslie Vilensky. These women are above and beyond the standard level of care. They have served me and my family...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post292'>Great ND</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Vilensky strikes the right balance between professionalism and empathy. She is knowledgable and encouraging and will put you at ease, making you feel...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post33'>Life Changing</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Working with Dr. Montgomery has really been a life changing experience - my entire perspective on health and wellness has shifted since I began seeing...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post18'>Great Experience</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I worked with Dr. Crystalin Montgomery. She was friendly, Knowledgeable and Thorough. I look forward to working with in the future for my alternative medical...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post19'>Simply the Best</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Liz Orchard just gets it. She is patient, present, and will guide you towards embodying your best self. Her practice is true, healing medicine! I highly...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post41'>Naturopathy - 1st time</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I have been toying with the idea of seeing a Doctor of Naturopathy for years before finally scheduling an appointment with Crystalin M. It was an experience...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post314'>The help I was looking for</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I&#39;m so glad to have found Dr. Orchard through family members who also found help from her. She listened and absorbed my story, then outlined a step-by-step...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post182'>Natural medicine to the rescue</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Liz is my health guru. She gave me alternative options for dealing with my medical issues and probably saved my life! She taught me that there are...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post28'>A great place to be!</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Crystalin Montgomery has been so helpful to us on our journey to better health. We&#39;ve seen many doctors and she is the most caring and knowledgable...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post30'>Highly Recommend</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Liz was great with my young daughters and provided a care plan that makes sense and we are already seeing results. Very pleased!!</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post36'>Always Helpful</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I was seen by Dr. Orchard and have been a patient of hers for a year now. She devotes time to you that you don&#39;t get in a regular visit. I felt listened...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post44'>Great care &amp; lovely space</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Liz is a fantastic ND, highly knowledgeable, she has excellent experience and background, and a kind and creative approach her medicine. Two thumbs...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post51'>Excellent care and knowledge.</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>Dr. Montgomery has been a breath of fresh air for me. I am so tired of conventional Doctors passing out pills like a pez dispenser. Dr. Montgomery took...</p> </div> <div class='fs-featured-review'> <h3 class='fs-title'><a href='/reviews/?view=bare#post52'>Go see Dr Liz Orchard</a></h3> <p class='fs-body'>I suffer from an auto immune disease in which I have a lot of arthritic pain. I’ve seen other doctors over the years but experienced no positive results...</p> </div> </div><a href='/reviews/?view=bare' class='fs-more-reviews'>More reviews</a></div>